Change Your Thoughts,
Change Your World

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We work with both teens and parents on specific strategies for dealing with ADHD. Get the support you need from a Certified Clinical ADHD Service Provider who specializes in neurodiversity.

Anxiety and Depression

Change is possible and life can get better. We specialize in Cognitive Behavioral Therapy and offer unique solutions to anxiety and depression. By changing your thoughts, you can change your world.

Holistic Therapies

Looking for a holistic approach to therapy that incorporates your mind, body and spirit? At Chrysalis, we offer integrative methods specific to your needs.

Struggling with ADHD?

  • Do you or your child with ADHD lack the motivation to complete school work, experience problems sleeping, lose things often or seem addicted to your screens? 
  • Seem overly sensitive, have a hard time regulating emotions or often have an emotional response that is incongruent with the situation? 
  • Have a hard time identifying social cues, trouble maintaining friendships or social interactions? 
  • Struggling to parent and support your child with ADHD and looking for strategies that actually work, from a trusted, experienced source?

Experiencing anxiety or depression?

  • Are your anxious thoughts controlling your life? 
  • Do you feel stuck in the same repetitive thought patterns, unable to turn your brain off or move forward?
  • Do you worry you’ve made the wrong decision about school, your business, relationships or parenting?

Looking for a different approach?

  • Have you tried other therapies but felt like something was always missing? 
  • Are you searching for an integrative therapy that takes a holistic approach to mind, body and spirit? 
  • Looking for support that aligns with your faith or worldview? 

You’re not alone.
We can help.

At Chrysalis Behavioral Therapy and Counseling, we know how difficult it can be to raise a child with ADHD. Shannon Thornton, Certified Clinical Service Provider, specializes in helping teens and their parents with proven strategies that help reduce the symptoms of ADHD. Cognitive Behavioral Therapy has proven results that are outstanding and help many individuals live a life of passion and purpose. 

Chrysalis Behavioral Therapy and Counseling can help. We care about you and know how devastating anxiety and depression can be. Shannon Thornton specializes in helping people just like you. Learn how to recognize your thought patterns and how they contribute to your anxiety. We teach you how to re-frame your thoughts and relieve the tension that has held you captive. You don’t have to believe everything you think and we can teach you how to find freedom, peace and self-confidence again. 

We offer holistic therapies and can incorporate faith-based world views. Shannon offers personalized care from an array of scientific disciplines and uses a variety of techniques such as mindfulness, meditation, relaxation techniques, essential oils, cortices tapping and psychoeducation to help clients improve their mood and mental health. Chrysalis Behavioral Therapy and Counseling works to create a unique program for each individual based on a holistic approach that incorporates mind, body, and spirit.


Meet Shannon Thornton

M.A. LPC, ADHD-CCSP, Psychotherapist, Parent Educator, and Speaker

I know how difficult it is to struggle with feeling out of control of your life and feeling like you need someone to help you.

I care about my clients and work hard to build trusting relationships where I actively listen, connect with my clients with empathy and foster a comfortable and non-judgemental environment. My goal is to help my clients identify ways to live their best lives through catharsis and behavioral change to bring balance to their whole selves, mind, body, and spirit.

I have personal experience parenting two strong willed children who both have ADHD.

I’ve dealt with every tantrum, friendship drama, meltdown, bad choice, lack of caring for an education, risk taking, ruminating thoughts, paranoia, mood shift, lost backpack, keys or homework than you could even imagine.  I understand the marital strife, social isolation from friends whose kids didn’t experience these problems, shame, and sense of hopelessness clients are feeling. 
I’m a Licensed Professional Counselor in the state of Texas and a Certified Clinical Services Provider through the ADHD Certification Institute. I am also a Certified Mental Health Integrative Services Provider. I offer talk therapy and psychoeducation to teens and adults.  

Change Your Thoughts, Change Your World

My theoretical orientation is Cognitive Behavioral Therapy.  This means that my foundational approach is that our thoughts create our feelings, and our feelings often determine how we behave.  If we change our thoughts, we can change our world, and I help clients become aware of their distorted thoughts, and how believing those thoughts leads to feelings of depression, anxiety, and general malaise.  I meet people where they are and help them heal and gain a healthy perspective on their life.  

Have you ever tried to help an emerging butterfly
out of its cocoon?

If you have, then you know it doesn't end well! You see, butterflies have to do their own work to get out of their cocoon and emerge a beautiful, soaring, new creation. I look at counseling the same way. If I could "do it for you", you would never find real joy, and never be all you're meant to be. By walking along side you, and gently guiding you, I allow you the freedom to be who you are, experience the now, and help you become everything you want to in order to live an authentic, enriched, happy life. Like the butterfly, you grow and can change for a lifetime by doing your own work.

Work with Shannon

Counseling and Therapy

Shannon is a Certified ADHD Clinical Services Provider and has extensive experience treating the symptoms of ADHD.

Change is possible.
We can help.

Don’t continue to suffer. Get the help you deserve. Whether you are looking for support for a child with ADHD parenting strategies, anxiety or integrative therapy, Chrysalis Behavioral Therapy and Counseling is here for you. We take the time to listen to each client, challenge false beliefs and renew your mind with proven, practical strategies that support your transformation.

Learn to restructure your thoughts and improve your feelings with Cognitive Behavioral Therapy. With the right help, change is possible. If you are ready and committed to your own change, contact us today to get started. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Chrysalis BTC is open for in-person sessions and telehealth virtual appointments. If you opt for in-office sessions, you and I agree to not meet if either has a fever over 100 degrees F,  is coughing or sneezing, or has been exposed to the Co-Vid 19 virus in the past 14 days.  Hand sanitizer is available in our office and we maintain safe distancing precautions of 6 feet and have no physical contact.  We will take steps between appointments to minimize our exposure and will inform each other if either has been exposed since our last session.  CBTC will sanitize all surfaces and use anti-viral/anti-bacterial aerosol to disinfect the office between clients.

I meet with children 13-17 and adults. I support individuals, parents and families.

Yes, Shannon is in network for UNITED HEALTH CARE. 

Surprisingly, therapy with me is very affordable.

I am in network with Blue Cross Blue Shield. Call or email, and I will contact your insurance for you and let you know exactly what your coverage is before your appointment. 

I offer a reduced rate for clients with other insurance carriers or who prefer not to file insurance.

Call or email me directly.  I provide a free, 15-minute consultation. If you decide you would like to work with me, we will set up an appointment and I’ll send you an email to connect to my client portal.  Here, you can submit the new client paperwork and communicate with me on a secure, HIPAA compliant platform.  My office will file your insurance claim and payment will be collected at the time of service.  All appointments are scheduled with me directly.

Appointments are scheduled for one hour: 50 minutes of talk time, and 10 minutes for scheduling and payment arrangement.

Most people like to meet weekly. Eventually, and at your discretion, sessions will taper off to once every other week to monthly check ups or eventual termination. The goal is to get you out of therapy and on your way to a more fulfilling life. 

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