ADHD Coaching

STAND – Supporting Teens Autonomy Daily 

STAND is a six week academic-functioning program designed for parents and teens to do TOGETHER that includes a workbook and weekly homework. The program comes from the book, Parent-Teen Therapy for Executive Function Deficits and ADHD: Building Skills and Motivation (Sibley, Margaret H. 2017). This coaching program is focused on academic success.

Four engagement modules:

  1. Understanding the family
  2. Focusing treatment goals
  3. Partnership skills
  4. Creating structure at home


Two mobilization modules:

  1. Habit formation
  2. Building an action plan

Skill modules we can focus on, based on your priority.:

  • Writing down homework
  • Making a homework plan
  • Organization check ups
  • Time management strategies
  • Study skills
  • Note taking
  • Problem solving

Who is the service for? 

Middle School and High School students and their parents.

This is a great program for kids who are struggling at school, can’t seem to “get it together”, who are chronically behind in school, forget to turn things in, etc

What will you learn?

You’ll learn how to improve the communication between parents and teens so the homework hassle and ‘bewitching hours” after the kids get home aren’t dreaded anymore, and you will learn to DO things differently so the roadblocks you have to tap into your potential are broken.  

This is not a tutoring program! It is a skill building program for academic success.

The Details: What is included? 

6-weeks of a designated curriculum with homework plus additional skill-module based sessions if requested


Parents WITH their Middle School or High School student at every session


Six, 50 minute Sessions

Package of 6 sessions is $800 (payment plans can be arranged) Over a 20% discount!

Individual Modules

Purchased individually is $150 each, or $900.

Additional 2-session Skill Module Packages

Can purchase additional 2/session packages for $250

Each additional skill module session

Purchased individually is $150 each


Will accommodate a group rate of 5 or more teens/parents.  See me for price alternatives.


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