Individual Therapy and Counseling for Teens with ADHD

Adolescence is a difficult transition period for any teen, let alone someone with ADHD, and sometimes, you just need some help. Learn invaluable strategies to help you meet your goals, from establishing a morning routine to managing emotional dysregulation and navigating stressors at school, with friends and at home. Shannon can help you reach your goals, build your skills and achieve your dreams. 


Who is the service for? 

Teens (13-18 years old) and College Students with ADHD who: 

  • have a hard time paying attention in class, 
  • get distracted while doing tasks for which they have little to no interest, 
  • blurt out/interrupt/say things and think later or do things and think later
  • procrastinate
  • have a hard time regulating their emotions and/or have frequent meltdowns, 
  • find it difficult to plan, thus are chronically late or forget to do things, have the right materials,
  •  lose their personal belongings regularly

What will you learn? 

Shannon will help you identify and prioritize your weaknesses and capitalize upon your strengths.  You will learn routines and techniques to manage and improve these symptoms so your stress is dramatically decreased and your life functions better.


The Details: What is included? 

Initial assessment and continuing counseling/coaching until your goals are met



  • Weekly or bi-weekly individual 50 minute sessions
  • Including parents with strategies will help provide a supportive environment at home to practice new skills and help hold you accountable to the changes you’re making.


Cost: $150/ 50-minute session

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