ADHD and Procrastination

“I got it, Mom”

“Uuuuugggghhhhh! I’ll do it later! I’m in the middle of a game!”

“Just one more level and I’ll do it”

Need answers from someone you can trust, without spending loads of time and money?


Join us for a live, Zoom webinar coaching session!  (You will receive a link to the webinar after you register). Shannon will share valuable information about the most difficult parenting issues experienced by parents of kids with ADHD.  You’ll learn applicable, easy to understand information about how to parent your child with ADHD with more confidence than ever before.

Shannon is not only a Licensed Professional Counselor with years of experience counseling teens and their parents, a Certified Clinical Services Provider, specializing in treating ADHD, she is MOM of TWO kids with ADHD and survived as the only neurotypical person in her family.  Her husband has ADHD too,  so she had to learn by fire!  If anyone understands what you’re going through, it’s Shannon.   Her goal is to research and stay up with all the latest information about ADHD and help you navigate AROUND the mistakes SHE made.

After the webinar, Shannon will leave time for you to type your questions in the chat and she’ll answer as many as she can.

As a thank you for purchasing the webinar, you will receive a link to the recorded version to watch again in case you missed anything.



Mar 02 2021


10:30 am - 11:20 am



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