ADHD: Why Do They Procrastinate? Webinar Recording

We are so sorry you missed the live version of the webinar.  Have no fear! You can still learn all the valuable information by watching it at your convenience.  In this webinar, you will learn what you and your student can do to manage the difficulty of procrastination.  You’ll also learn some cool and easy to understand brain science to help you understand why it’s happening along with a TON of tools that you can start using today to break the cycle of waiting until the last minute, being late, and not planning in advance!

The event is ongoing.

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ADHD: Why They Procrastinate Webinar Recording

Kids with ADHD procrastinate because they are "time blind", don't know how to plan, and do what they can to reduce their stress in the "now". Watch this great recorded webinar to help you help your student thrive and stop putting everything off!

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