Holistic Therapies

Are you looking for a holistic approach to your counseling? Chrysalis Behavioral Therapy and Counseling also offers psychoeducation on mindfulness, self-awareness, self-confidence, relaxation techniques, nutritional integration, essential oil education, cortices tapping, and Brain Tapping Technologies. Additionally, Shannon is happy to incorporate faith-based counseling and provide integrative therapy based on the client’s desires, needs, and interests.

Who is the service for? 

Anyone who is open to alternative methods of emotional healing. Shannon is a Health Partner in a Functional Wellness network and treats her clients’ mind, body and spirit. Shannon believes we are all interconnected to each other in some way,  and recognizes that we can use other methods to feel better than just “think differently”. Additionally, Shannon is a practicing Christian, and your world view is important to her, so she can meet you where you are.  If you are interested in faith-based counseling and would like to integrate Christianity into your sessions, or if you are struggling with your faith and need someone to talk to to help you find YOUR answers, she welcomes you. 

What will you learn?

That the mind, body, and spirit are intricately connected, and that they  influence each other in ways you may have not thought of before.  

The Details: What is included? 

Weekly or bi-weekly, 50-minute sessions




$150/50-minute session

BrainTap sessions: Additional $20 for use of BrainTap headset for use in over 700 guided visualization audio-sessions using red and blue light therapy.  The first twenty minutes of these sessions include the use of a headset, and the remaining 30 minutes of the session is talk-therapy.

If you are interested in the BrainTap app, a BrainTap headset, or essential oils, you may purchase them from Shannon- just ask.

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