Individual Counseling

Anxiety and depression are on the rise in our society, and the gap between what “should” be in our minds and what actually “is”, is ever-expanding. Many people regularly feel overwhelmed, lie in bed worrying or are stuck in repetitive thoughts. Chronic feelings of sadness, worry, and anger can lead to physical illness and dramatically impact the quality of your relationships. The good news is that life doesn’t have to be this way. Shannon Thornton teaches practical, easy to use techniques that release stress from the body and mind. Learn and apply cognitive behavioral therapy techniques and transform yourself.  It is amazing how much better you can make yourself feel with a little self-awareness and tweaks in your thought life, and even your daily routine.

Who is the service for? 

Anyone aged 13 to 100 who:

  • Often feels overwhelmed with life
  • Doesn’t feel like they’re dealing with things in a healthy way
  • Worries more and doesn’t feel as happy as they once were
  • Keeps running into the same problem over and over in their relationships
  • Feels stuck or just isn’t happy and can’t seem to get past it
  • Just. Feels. Miserable.

What will you learn?

Shannon provides a safe place to land for her clients.  She likes to say she’s in the “word vomit business” and wants her clients to feel comfortable and at peace, sharing what is hurting them.  In this warm and non-judgmental environment, true healing can happen.  With Shannon, you will learn that regardless of your past and your current condition, you don’t have to feel the way you are right now.  You will learn that our brains are wired to make us feel like a basketcase, and how to fix it.  She is a solution-focused, Cognitive Behavioral therapist, which means she wants to help you figure out your stuff and get past it.  Additionally, you will learn:

  • The importance of self-awareness, good sleep, and self-care, and how to integrate those things into your daily life
  • Your triggers, how to thought-stop, and literally change your brain
  • How to better communicate with others
  • Coping strategies galore
  • How to take charge of your life and feel better now

The Details: What is included? 

Initial assessment and weekly or bi-weekly sessions until your goals are met.  Her goal is to teach you how to heal yourself so you no longer need therapy.


Individual, 50-minute sessions


$150/ 50-minute session

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Public Speaking

Shannon Thornton is a sought-after public speaker with experience speaking to large audiences, schools, churches, parenting groups and corporate meetings.

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