Parenting A Child with ADHD

Using standard parenting practices does not work on kids with ADHD. That’s why it’s important to equip yourself with powerful and practical skills that will help both your child and your family. Learn how to know and understand your child and how to effectively parent in a way that decreases power struggles, improves home life, and fosters healthy relationships. 

Who is the service for? 

Parents of kids (aged from the first diagnosis as early as 5 or 6 years to 18, to kids still living at home who haven’t yet launced) with ADHD.  

What will you learn? 

  • Understand the diagnosis and the “why’s” behind the need to parent them differently
  • Psychoeducational: full of resources, tools, strategies, and explanations
  • What works, what doesn’t work, and how to change your behavior to improve theirs
  • How to improve the relationship with your child
  • How to support your child and help them move to independence 
  • How to manage your feelings about the difficulty of raising a child with ADHD

The Details: What is included? 

Initial assessment and continuing counseling/coaching until your goals are met


Individual parents and/or couples. 

Weekly or bi-weekly sessions

 I prefer working with both mom AND dad to make sure you understand and are a united front when parenting your child.  Kids with ADHD have an innate ability to find the holes in your parenting and use it to their advantage!  If you are on different pages and come from families who differ in child-rearing practices, (like me!) I can help you come to a common ground.  Be forewarned, you may have to change something you’re doing and it may not be intuitive.  TRUST ME.  I have made all the mistakes and now have the clinical experience to prove what works.

Cost: $150/ 50-minute session 

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